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It is part of our Policy to maintain that young people are properly informed about health risks and Sexual Transmitted Diseases. We often conduct Educational Talks on Health Awareness which high lights HIV and AIDS as precaution before the mistake is done.


What is HIV and AIDS Counselling?


We are aware that Counselling in HIV and AIDS has become a core element in a holistic model of health care, in which psychological issues are recognised as integral to patient management. HIV and AIDS counselling has two general aims:


(1) The prevention of HIV transmission and
(2) The support of those affected directly and indirectly by HIV.

It is vital that HIV counselling should have these dual aims because the spread of HIV can be prevented by changes in behaviour. One to one prevention counselling has a particular contribution in that it enables frank discussion of sensitive aspects of a person's life—such discussion may be hampered in other settings by the person's concern for confidentiality or anxiety about a judgmental response.

Also, when people know that they have HIV infection or disease, they may suffer:


  • Great psycho-social and psychological stresses through a fear of rejection,
  • Social stigma,
  • Disease progression,
  • And the uncertainties associated with future management of HIV.


Good clinical management requires that such issues be managed with consistency and professionalism, and counselling can both minimise morbidity and reduce its occurrence.

All counsellors in this field should have formal counselling training and receive regular clinical supervision as part of adherence to good standards of clinical practice. For this reason MCSAS-HEARTS OF LOVE brings in qualified officials to give the necessary counselling and advice our youth and family..

For more information about HIV/AIDS please visit the BMJ bookshop and at http://www.bmjbooks.com/


Aims of counselling in HIV Infection:



  • Determining whether the lifestyle of an individual places him or her at risk
  • Working with an individual so that he or she understands the risks
  • Helping to identify the meanings of high risk behaviour
  • Helping to define the true potential for behaviour change
  • Working with the individual to achieve and sustain behaviour change


Support: Individual, relationship, and family counselling to prevent and reduce psychological morbidity associated with HIV infection and disease

Different HIV counselling programmes and services:

MCSAS-HEARTS OF LOVE would direct or refer concerned persons registered with us to appropriate place / places for:

  • Counselling before the test is done
  • Counselling after the test for those who are HIV positive and HIV negative
  • Risk reduction assessment to help and prevent transmission
  • Counselling after a diagnosis of HIV disease has been made
  • Family and relationship counselling
  • Bereavement counselling
  • Telephone “hotline” counselling
  • Outreach counselling
  • Crisis intervention
  • Structured psychological support for those affected by HIV
  • Support groups

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MCSAS-HEARTS OF LOVE: (Multi-Cultural Sport Aid Services) work with young and vulnerable people to gradually eradicate gang, gun and knife crime. We use Graffiti Arts on Canvas, Photography, Filming, Music and Dance as creative materials; and as tools to help them share their skills, promote self- confidence, encourage personal motivation to achieve positive mental attitude.


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