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MCSAS-Hearts of Love Brand Values:


As a multinational charitable organization operating in many other countries and in experiencing different cultures, we have learnt to practice our own core; we have developed six shared values which addresses our quality brand principles, conduct and interaction with the society - they are (1) Making a Difference:  (2) Leadership: (3) Integrity: (4) Can Do: (5) Innovation: and (6) Relationships.


Making the Difference: 

Children and young people only spend about 20% of their school hours in school each day….what happens to the rest of their time? For the reason/reasons stated above, Mcsas-Hearts of Love is committed to:


  • Connecting more teachers, tutors and mentors to kids who need them most.
  • Bringing more community services and resources directly to children and young people.
  • Engaging young people in helping other young people to improve their lives
  • Making education policy changing known to family and young people
  • Bringing more community services directly to parents and carers.




  • We provide leadership ingredients which educates young people to recognise Foresight, Commitment, and Guidance..!
  • Building a future for youth and family in the community
  • Leading the way through connectivity enablement
  • Providing solid principles to build Trust and Togetherness spirit..!
  • Making young people the best they could be, because they can.
  • Investing Trust and Belief in young people to enable them to succeed.
  • Providing Ingredients for CAN-DO character to become Optimist, Focusing on the Future.
  • Having a Passionate Spirit to make things happened.  


Our ingredients for relationship are:


  • To have the spirit of Teamwork,
  •  Friendliness,
  • Personality, and to have a
  • Warm and Caring spirit
  • Connecting people on ‘their level’
  • Having empathy for their unique situations
  • Building relationships with the community (internal and external)


With these super qualities above, young people are able to:


  • Create brighter future
  • Empower people in the communities and the society they live
  • Create more possibilities for a better future.


Our Ingredients for INNOVATION are:
Simplicity, Imagination, Insight and Creativity.
These four words would lead you to be:


  • Able to do things differently.
  • Making unlikely connections to make things happen
  • To let the unexpected exceeds expectations