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Hands On Business Training Course


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Hands On Business Training Course


Course Content


         How to Prepare Company Policies.

         Help to Register your Business with Companies House or HMRC.

         How to Link your Business with Banks to Open an Account.

         How to Set-Up an International NGO Charity in the name of your Company

         How to Write Projects and Apply for Funding

         A-Z Grass-Root Training to obtain Skills in Business


1.       Ordering Supplies and Services.

2.       Payment Authorisation.

3.       Cheque Writing and Signing.

4.       Handling of Cash.

5.       Salaries, Payroll and Freelancers.

6.       Income.

7.       Bank Accounts.

8.       Books of Account and Records.

9.       Budget Setting.

10.   Financial Monitoring and Audit

11.   Role of Treasurer.

12.   Role of Management.

13.   Role of Board of Trustees.

14.   Role of Financial Controller.

      Toolkits for Voluntary, Community & Faith Sector Organizations Fundraising:

    Essential Introuction:

         Fundraising Strategy

         What makes a good Funding Application?

         Applying for Funding.

         Your Budget.

         Doing It Yourself.

         Don’t Panic! - What to do in a Crisis.

         Frequently asked Questions.

         Where can I get further Help?


         Your Code for the Voluntary and Community Sector.

         Trustees and Governance: - The Essential Trustee-(What you need to know)

         Trustee Roles: - Responsibilities of a Management Committee / Trustee Board

         Strategic Business Plan Template for you to start right away.

         Mcsas Hands-On-Business Training Leaflet


         What is a Business Plan?

 Possibly the most important question you will ask and your business will already have the answer

         Getting Started on your Business Plan:

Setting your business objectives and focusing on the practical outcomes of your plan.

         Information Gathering for your Business Plan:

         A handy list of FAQs so that you can begin to collate data to make your business plan more effective:

         Managing the Information you’ve collected: Logically analyzing your data via SWOT analysis

         Creating and Implementing your Business Plan: Dividing up the planning between marketing, finance, people, product and supply

         Making your Plan Happen: Getting results from your business plan through leadership, teamwork and continuous improvement

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