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MCSAS-HEARTS OF LOVE: (Multi-Cultural Support Aid Services) work with vulnerable and disadvantaged youth to identify growing problems in the street, school and elsewhere in the community through liaising with Parents, Metropolitan Police, Community Gang Group and Community Safety Officers, Social Services and Young Offender's Teams. We work hard in the community to reduce youth crime, drug addiction, teenage sex and teenage pregnancy by supporting parents and carers to understand youth culture and the lifestyle that comes with it. Engaging with youth on the street helps to understand the dangers on the street through providing Information, Confidential, Advice and Guidance to young people. We educate youth how to deal with anger issues and how they can eradicate street gang problem, and gun and knife crime. We offer useful tools to young people to help build self-confidence in order to be able to identify the need to communicate among themselves. We introduce youth academy as a safer place with different workshops, events and projects to reduce the time they spend on the street.

We offer one 2 one family and youth counselling to encourage positive mental exercises which often needed in any kind of decision making. We use Youth Graffiti Arts on Canvas Show, Music and Dance, Photography and Filming, Poems and Rap Music, Skate-Board and Roller-Skate Competitions, Football, Basketball and other physical sport activities as a source to get them off the street. The above projects have real meaning and a reason to connect young people. These projects have become a centre for creative ideas and tools for young people to share skills, promote motivational spirit, self confidence, encourage youth diversity, and youth potentiality leading to an ability to change for the better.


At a completion of any of the above projects, young people are able to demonstrate their new gained skill, which is often full of empowerment to take them into another level. Our projects often promote latent talents to encourage youth about the benefits of becoming respectable and successful citizen. These projects often tackle Social Inclusion head-on through our 90 Days Youth Transforming Program as a component of experimenting material with new concepts. Our projects do throw light over the policies of Every Child Matters, (a governing document set out to encourage youth healthy living). Similarly, MCSAS-HEARTS OF LOVE have its own guidelines alongside government policies to educate young people to…!

  • Encourage healthy eating
  • Help to get out of gang, drug, gun and knife and crime
  • Making it safer for youth & family in the community, school and on street
  • Create opportunities for youth to enjoy one another
  • Help every youngster to develop a sense of belonging and achieving
  • Guiding them to make positive contribution to the community they live
  • Reminding children and young people about the power and the benefits of positive thinking
  • Training young people to become future finance managers; making it safer and the best way to tackle any kind of economic problems in the near future.