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Who we are and what we do with Young People


We work with young vulnerable and disadvantaged people aged 10 - 19 up to 24 years old…young men, women and girls in Southwark Communities. We use music and dance, graffiti arts on canvas show, photography and filming, happy rap with clean lyrics and poems, roller-skate and skate-board competitions and youth magazine projects as tools to help maintain creative ideas in them.  We help to educate youth in their efforts to eradicate street gang culture, gun and knife crime, effects of children and young people witnessing  domestic violence in their family homes, teenage pregnancies, violent crime against women and young girls, drugs and alcohol abuse and many more issues facing our young people today. Our projects allow young people to share skills, promote self confidence, build positive mental strength to become responsible adult and be good citizens.

Status: We are a voluntary and community sector organization registered as a charity company limited by guarantee since 2007. Registered in England and Wales – Register Number 6437600. It was started as a community help organization in 2000 by the Rev. Dr. Paul Baiden-Adams (Youth and Family Counselling Psychologist / International Ambassador for World Peace )  to provide services to family and youth in the community; to provide models for effective engagement of community groups; to provide round table youth and family debate and One to One Counselling and Psychological Support; for Information, Confidential Advice and Guidance to deal with many issues facing our young people today; to promote holistic family and community approach with partnerships build between the public and private sector  organizations and faith organizations helping to work in mutual understanding.

Mission: MCSAS-Hearts of Love’s mission is to empower disenfranchised youth and their families to take responsibility for themselves and their community through programs and services that promote positive social and civic values; to create opportunities for self-improvement through academic instruction, employability training, community service, and to implement intervention strategies to foster family stabilization and neighbourhood preservation. We provide safer environment where the most damaged members in the society, fallen into criminal activities to develop confidence, and a sense of belonging which enable them overcome negative influences. Our mission is to explain to youth the benefits of Equality, Diversity, Potentiality and the Ability to change for a better future. For the sake of young people and in the best interest of our society, we pledge to always be in the business of creating partnerships that can benefit everyone in the community. At MCSAS-Hearts of Love young people obtain free access to demonstrate their artistic knowledge to pass on to the general public.